February 16, 2021

Belly of the Dragon

We took a round about way to Southern Utah passing the Belly of the Dragon just east of Zion National Park and it was well worth it!

To get there you have to know exactly where you are going because there are no signs and no marker. It is 17 miles north of Kanab on Hwy89. If you are headed south from Carmel Junction like we were it is only a a half mile down the road. Heading south you will find a dirt road on the right side of the road that you will follow a quarter of a mile to a little dirt parking lot just outside the cave.

This hike is free and super easy and kid friendly! It was about a half mile round trip and really only has one tricky part towards the beginning where we had to lift the kids down to the beginning of the tunnel. Once you are in the tunnel it is dark and flashlights make it easy to make your way through.

Once you are out of the tunnel there is a path that leads at a dead end. It is worth walking down it though, at the end are lots of rock towers that people have built. Add your own! We went in January and although it was warm outside, there was ice on the other end of the tunnel so watch your step.

Here is a great map with directions to get there! For more Utah adventures follow us on instagram @the.motherhood.journey or at gwendolyndattage.com