October 2, 2020

Staheli Family Farm: Where My Family Goes For All the Fall Fun!

October is here and there is so much to do in Southern Utah. I don’t know about you, but I love fall, October, and Halloween and Southern Utah is busting with fun things to do! One of our favorite traditions, and top pick for Fall and Halloween fun is Staheli Family Farm!

We visited Staheli Family Farm over and over last year, we loved it so much that this year we got season passes! We really had the best time and loved every visit we made. I don’t mean mom and dad pushing the stroller while the kids played, wishing we could leave kind of time, but the, we had so much fun we couldn’t believe we had been there that long when we left kind of fun! 

Here are my top 5 reasons we will be headed back to Staheli Family Farm this year:

#1    Waffles and Witches

I highly recommend attending Waffles and Witches. It was fun for my husband and I AND our kids! When we go there they started off right from the get go. All the witches (who are so fun by the way) took the kids outside to play while the adults got their breakfast and took it back to the table. Now, if you are not sitting there thinking that sounds amazing, you don’t have kids. I am usually a balancing act of holding one of my kids hands while balancing two plates and just hoping the baby doesn’t knock one of the plates onto the floor. Entertaining the kids while we got their breakfast was genius and I knew we were going to be friends from that moment on! I did sneak out to see what they were doing with the kids and came around the corner to see witches playing duck duck goose with kids, while others were helping them make crafts. It was so organized and my kids were already having fun!

Fair warning though: I just purchased my tickets and they already have entire tables sold out. Grab your tickets here!

Once everyone had breakfast we brought our kids in to eat with us and had a really yummy breakfast! The witches came around and interacted with the kids, which by the way, my daughter cannot stop talking about. They did a darling program that had you laughing… and well… laughing! No tears, unless they were tears of laughter! It really was such a delightful morning with our “witch friends”, great food, and fun entertainment! 

#2: Farmland, Corn Maize, and the Pumpkin Patch

Staheli Family Farm has everything a kid could dream of! Some of our favorite activities were the horse swing, the big slide, the corn maize and the pumpkin patch! My kids were so excited and there was so much to do so no one ever got bored! That’s a mom win right there. The only time there might have been tears was on our way back to the car. My kiddos did NOT want to leave. 

My daughter is already asking when she gets to go and see her witch friends again this year. I’m not even exaggerating about that… ask any of my neighbors and they will tell you she talks about her “Spooky witch friends” all year round. 

Here are some of the fun attractions they have on the farm:

πŸŽƒ Corn MaizeπŸ‘» Farmland
πŸ‘» Pumpkin Patch πŸŽƒ Witches
πŸŽƒ Spooky Trick or Treat TrailπŸ‘» Zombie Rampage
πŸ‘» Field of ScreamsπŸŽƒ Dirt Mountain Slide
πŸŽƒ DinnerπŸ‘» Cow Train
πŸ‘» Haunted House (for kids)πŸŽƒ Campfire and S’mores
πŸŽƒ Petting ZooπŸ‘» Zipline
πŸ‘» Corn SlideπŸŽƒ Duck Races
πŸŽƒ Jumping PillowπŸ‘» Playground
πŸ‘» EntertainmentπŸŽƒ And so much more!

 Go to their website for more information on tickets! 

* Special Witches Showcase on Saturday October 5, 12, 19! This is free with paid admission.

#3 The Spooky Trick or Treat Trail & Field of Screams

Whether you want something spooky for the littles or yourself they have lots of options. My toddlers loved the spooky trick or treat trail and the cow train that takes you there. The cow train in and of itself was a highlight and my kids loved it! They would have ridden it way longer I am sure. When they let you off, one of the witches leads you through the haunted house which is perfect for kids, and adults too scared to try out Field of Screams. Outside the house is a huge cauldron that is the perfect photo opp. Around the corner the kiddos got to trick or treat to the most adorable (in a witchy way) cottage and left with a piece of candy! 

For those of you who are brave enough, Field of Screams is now open and will make the perfect haunted evening! It is not suitable for all ages though so make sure and check out all the information here before you go. This is one of their most popular attractions and the perfect bucket list item for those of you who can handle the scary side of Staheli Family Farm.

While we are on the topic of spooky, make sure you check out all the information here about the Zombie Rampage! Last year it was a huge hit and I am excited they are bring it back again this year!

#4: Witches Night Out

This might be what I am most looking forward to this year. Witches Night Out. A ladies only fun pre-Halloween bash that everyone waits for all year round. They turn the farmhouse into a the perfect Witch party location and have the awesome Mikey & the Mrs. as hosts. There is great food, contests, and all the magic and mayhem that can only happen on just such a night!  Sisters, fire up your brooms and fly into Staheli Family Farm for a wicked-good time!  

They only hold Witches Night Out on three nights, so hurry and get your tickets quick because reservations are required. You can attend Thursday, October 17, 2019, Friday, October 18, 2019, or Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 7 pm. Get your tickets here!

#5: Magicians Shows: New this Year!

First of all- they are offering $1 off the Magician shows with the code: MAGICSAVE1 so don’t forget it when you are buying your tickets online.

Florida magician, Stefan Oswald will have you alternating between laughter and awe as he presents his sleight of hand, levitation, card tricks, and other mysterious magic, all in a setting perfectly designed for magic:  The Old Farmhouse at Staheli Family Farm.  They brought Stefan all this way from his home stage at The Great Magic Hall in Kissimmee, Florida to entertain at their popular witch events, and while he’s here, he’s going to entertain YOU!  You’ll be seated among lavish Halloween decor, up close for this magical, must-see show.  Staheli Family Farm’s kid-friendly matinees and evening main events are the perfect way to create magical memories with the family.  You’ll all be talking about it long after the astonishing finale. 

Stefan can be seen at 2pm for “A Magical Afternoon” and 7pm for “A magical Main Event” on the following dates: 

October 17th and 18th: 2 pm show only

October 19th, 25th, & 26th: 2pm and 7 pm

Purchase tickets here.

If you have not gone to Staheli Family Farm this October, hurry up, get your tickets, and GO! You will love it, your kids will love it. We love just being there, sitting in the big wooden rocking chairs, watching the kids have the time of their life. Staheli Family Farm really provided such a fun atmosphere, endless things to do, and a whole lotta fun memories of this Halloween for my family!