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March 16, 2020

National Make Up Your Own Holiday: March 26th

I just found out that March 26th is MAKE UP YOUR OWN HOLIDAY Day! I’m not screaming at you with my all caps- I’m just that excited! If you have been following me this last year it’s no secret that I love Love LOVE holidays and anything I get to celebrate. When I heard that I get to make up my own holiday I all but fell out of my chair.

I have a dilemma though… if you could see the inside of my brain right now… you’d be spinning. So many options and so many ideas! But I don’t want to pick the wrong one, because I only have one chance this year to get it right! That is where you all come in…

Help a mama out and send me ALL your ideas. I need the best of the best to choose from. Seriously. 

Then on March 26th keep an eye on my social media to find out what holiday I make up… because until then, my lips are sealed! 

Follow me on instagram so you don’t miss out. March 26th might have just become my most favorite day of the year!