Mom Life

February 21, 2019

Take Care Mama Bear

Are you a mom? If so, this is for you. If you are anything like most of the moms out there, you do it all! If I started to make a laundry list of all the things you do during the day it would take me longer to write than it would to simply do a load of laundry!

Now. I am going to tell you the secret I have discovered? (Does it mean I always do this? No, not always) I often have to bring myself back to reality and remind myself of this little secret.

Well? What is it? I’ll tell you. Just because we “can” do it all, doesn’t mean we should. We don’t “need” to do it all.

It is hard to say no. Believe me, I know! I am one of the biggest culprits of this. I just feel like I have to say Yes. 

If I don’t… I am letting someone down

If I don’t…they will be mad at me

If I don’t… I haven’t given my all

If I don’t… 

I could go on and on

BUT! This simply isn’t true! If you say no, you are not letting someone down. If you say no, they are not going to be mad. If you say no, it does not mean you haven’t given your all.

How do you not do it all? Someone has to do it all right? But that someone doesn’t always have to be you. Sometime you have to (and oh boy do I hate this word) Delegate.

It takes an army to raise a family and after years of “doing it all” I am learning that if you ask that army will be there. Find your people. Let them help out here and there. You are an amazing mom, you are doing amazing things, and sometimes it is ok to say, I just can’t “do it all” today.

So, keep being that amazing mom you are, but take care of yourself while you are taking care of everyone else.