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October 21, 2018

66 Days to a Better You

Starting With a Habit to Make Your Goal Easier

January is overwhelming for most people because… Goals. I know we get excited to kick on a “new me” and set lots of goals, but it is also a lot to focus on. I have started something at the end of October that makes my January goals just a little less daunting…. and I am going to share it with you.

Find your Goal and figure out a habit that will make it easier. Goals are really made up of habits that we are creating or getting rid of. If you want to achieve a goal, by eliminating one of the habits that help you get to your goal, you are that much ahead.


If my goal is to give up sugar, a habit would be finding things that are sugar free in my day to day eating. So for 66 days I am going to find one thing each day that I enjoy that is sugar free. Just one. Then in January when I am giving up sugar I have a list of 66 thing that I ACTUALLY like that don’t have sugar in them. Believe me, this list will be way better than the list you just googled.

If my goal is to run 5 miles, a habit would be getting out and running. For 66 days I am going to put on my running shoes and run to the end of the block. Period. If I feel like running further great, but if not, I head back because all I care about is creating the habit of running each day. In January I can work on running longer distances, but it will be easier because my body is in the habit of lacing up my sneakers and starting to run.

If my goal is to have a good morning routine, a habit would be waking up at the same time each morning. For 66 days I am going to get up at X o’clock and make my bed. It doesn’t matter what I do next (don’t go back to sleep) because I am just creating a habit of getting up at the same time. In January I will worry about all the details of what my routine is. *On that note. Growing up my dad would always ask us in the morning if we did our three things (cue eye roll). Our “three things” were “Say your prayers, get dressed, and make your bed”. I used to think it was so silly, but now as an adult I have a better day if I get up and do my three things before I start my day. I am not asking you to do three things though. Just get up and make your bed!

If your goal is to eat a health breakfast, your habit is to actually eat breakfast. For 66 days I am going to eat breakfast every day. If it is healthy, great! But, we are focusing on actaully eating breakfast before 10 am every morning and in January we will focus on making it healthy.

If your goal is to stop gossiping, your habit is to genuinely compliment every person you see. For 66 days I will notice the good in others and compliment them (outloud) on what I notice. In January I will gocus on getting rid of all the gossip, although I think you will see that drastically improve just by complimenting others and looking for the good!

If your goal is to loose weight, your habit is to drink more water. For 66 days I will drink half my weight in water in ounces. You are not going to cut out all sugar right before the holidays, or start running miles in the middle of December. You are simply going to drink more water and make it a habit. In January when you start eating healthy, cutting the sugar out, or exercising more you will already have the water drinking in your pocket to help!

Now- these are just ideas. Pick your goal, find the habit that will make it easier. Email me your goal and I will help you find the habit! I want to help you create a habit that will make your life better. 

Oh, and let me remind you. Pick the GOAL, not goals. Don’t make this hard on yourself, just focus on one habit to create.

To help each other out I have created this FACEBOOK GROUP, so go join us and let’s create some goal kicking habits to make January less overwhelming and our goals more achievable!

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