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September 21, 2018

Find your Routine

If you are anything like me, you played really hard this summer, and dismissed all sense of routine. And, I am not exaggerating on that at all, although now, I wish I was. I’m just going to lay it out for you… my kids have been going to bed really, REALLY, late and having nap time when it’s convenient. We have been out of town as much as we have been in town and eating meals at all kinds of crazy times. That being said, I would probably do it again… we had a summer full of family, friends, water, late nights, birthdays, reunions, road trips, camping, and everything else, but it is now time to go back to real life.

Where do I start?

It feels like the rest of the world is back to school, back to routines, and back to normal life and I am over here with a 3 year old up at 11pm at night! 😫 So, starting Monday (Because everything is better when starting on a Monday right?) we are getting back to a normal schedule, no matter what it takes. 

So… here it goes. I am starting with MY morning routine. I’ll start the kids on Tuesday. I think if mom is ready for the day, anything can happen, but no matter how good my kids schedule is, if I am not ready to start the day, things just don’t roll as smoothly.

I am going to get up 30 minutes before my kids… let me say that again, and maybe I will feel better about it. I am going to get up 30 minutes before my kids. Nope, I still am wishing I could sleep in, that doesn’t sound fun, BUT I will thank myself later, so Monday morning I am going to get up 30 minutes before my kids.

What will I do with those 30 minutes? Let me tell you! This is what I did last year, and I was a better mom for it, so I am doing it again.

30 Minutes

1. Get up and get dressed. (Yes, actually get dressed, do not stay in pajamas! I have found my days are much more productive in clothes. Pajamas make me want to curl up on the couch with a book all day.)

2. Stretch for 5 minutes. (Not an hour, not even 15 minutes, just take FIVE minutes. Believe me, it feels good.)

3. Drink a big glass of water. (This is something I am trying to do better throughout my day, so I always try to start right at the beginning with a big glass!)

4. Pull out my calendar and double check any events or appointments for the day

5. Look over my emails and text messages for 5 minutes. (Once my kids are up I put my phone away until after they are dressed, fed, and their teeth are brushed. This 5 minutes gives me a chance to respond to anything important and then be able to put it away.

5. Read for 10 minutes- it’s different every day. Sometimes its inspirational, sometimes its whatever book I am reading, sometimes it is something I am learning how to do. But it is print. It isn’t social media, it is an actual book, article, or series of quotes.

6. Meditate. Those of you who know me just laughed out loud. I really can’t sit still, let alone sit still and not do anything. But I am trying. My goal is 10 minutes, I usually only last 5. BUT it is the last 5 minutes before the chaos of the day starts, and I find it really quite nice.

At this point, I start cooking breakfast which makes enough noise to wake up my sleepy kids. 

Now, this isn’t the perfect 30 minutes for everyone, it may not even be the perfect 30 minutes for me. But it is what is working for now, and I am sure it will change over time. The important thing is, I have 30 minutes to do whatever it best for me to start my day.

So- what does your 30 minutes look like?